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Concepts of Beauty

Is symmetry the cornerstone of beauty?

One of the traditional concepts that I believe has been shaken by the availability of 3D imaging, is the concept of symmetry and the perception that beauty is fundamentally linked to it.

All faces are asymmetric, most often along a pattern that can be described for the upper middle and lower thirds of the face. As such, even the most beautiful faces that we see also have significant asymmetries, but there are other aspects that we feel drawn towards and impressed by.

Severe asymmetries often come with in-aesthetic features, and putting the right can be better understood in 3D. At the same time, it is possible to understand that pleasing facial shapes can be achieved even without perfect symmetry.

From image capture to procedure planning, to the surgery itself and enjoying the results, there is a journey of discovery that can be fascinating and rewarding. It takes more time and effort, but will give you the knowledge and power to be the most important part of this transformation.

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