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(Tummy Tuck)

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Post Operative Instructions

  • Whilst in bed, use 2-3 pillows under your knees. This will help to take the strain off your abdominal muscles.

  • It is important that you wear your pressure garment day and night for 6 weeks (unless otherwise advised). This may be removed for washing.

  • You may be discharged with some antibiotics and it is important that the whole course is completed. You will also be discharged with some pain medication. If the pain killers are not covering your pain, please advise Mr Ion's practice nurse and we can review them. Please avoid taking aspirin/anti inflammatories as these can cause bleeding. You may recommence your usual medication as soon as you can eat or drink unless otherwise advised. Painkillers can cause constipation, so please eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, or take a mild laxative to avoid straining.

  • If you find it uncomfortable to laugh or cough, support your scar with a folded towel held against your tummy.

  • The area around your scar will be swollen and bruised. The swelling can take from 3 - 6 months to dissipate. This is normal and may be less for you.

  • Your dressings must be kept dry until advised.

  • You should try to rest as much as possible, however daily gentle exercise (walking around the house hourly) will reduce your chances of forming a blood clot.

  • We recommend that you do not do anything that will increase your blood pressure for the first week following your surgery. You can gradually build up to an almost normal level of activity over the next 4 weeks.

  • Your scars will improve within a month of your surgery. They may become a little more pink and noticeable, even red and lumpy temporarily before they improve. Scars can stay pink for up to 9-12 months before they fade properly.

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