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Buccal Fat Reduction

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Post Operative Instructions

  • You may be groggy from the anaesthetic and or oral medications and probably won't remember much of the first day or two. You will have to take it easy and sleep on two pillows to keep your head elevated for 7-14 days. When you wake up you will notice that your face will look even more swollen in the first 3 days. But, as the days go on the swelling will dissipate. There may be bruising, but this will go away, as well. So make a mental note of this or you may be shocked into a depression. Bruising and swelling are a normal occurrence in most surgeries.

  • You will more than likely experience some discomfort for several weeks - having had intra oral incisions your diet may be restricted. You should ascertain all fresh fruits and vegetables have been washed, no raw fish (sushi) or very rare meats or other types of foods that may contain high amounts of bacteria. Eating foods such as this may increase your risk of infection due to the incisions being in the mouth. Please avoid hot drinks for the first three days and try and restrict your diet to soft food for the first five days.

  • You will benefit from using a mouthwash several times a day. DO NOT PICK or "tongue" your incisions or sutures! Although any discomfort should be alleviated by your prescribed pain medication if you have excessive pain, redness, pus or other symptoms that do not appear normal, contact your surgeon immediately! Take those antibiotics on time. Also, don't forget if you are a female taking birth control pills that some antibiotics can interfere so in the event that you do have relations, use another form of protection as well.

  • Even though you may feel better, you must take it easy for the first 3 weeks. Be careful not to bend over or lift heavy objects. You should also be careful not to raise the blood pressure for at least 3 weeks as this could cause internal bleeding at your treatment area. Your blood vessels dilate to allow increased blood flow when you raise your heart rate. This may cause problems at internal wound sites. Do not participate in contact sports for at least 6-8 weeks.

  • Your swelling will subside within a few weeks, defining even more as the months go by, revealing a more defined facial structure. You may notice a change in your smile, odd sensations of hollowness, tingling, the sporadic sharp pain, or "pulling", burning, and cold sensations. These usually subside within the first few weeks.

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