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Eyelid Surgery

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Post Operative Instructions

  • The dressings will remain in place for approximately one week. It is important that you keep the dressing dry. If the dressing should slip or fall off, it will need to be replaced either by Mr Ion's practice nurse, or the hospital where you had your surgery.

  • You may be discharged with some antibiotics, and it is important that the whole course is completed.

  • If you feel that the pain relief medication that you have is not adequate, please advise Mr Ion's practice nurse, or the hospital as soon as possible in order to re assess the wound and your medication.

  • Please avoid taking aspirin/anti inflammatories as these can cause bleeding. You may recommence your usual medication as soon as you can eat or drink unless otherwise advised.

  • Try to sleep and rest with your head slightly elevated (propped up with 2-3 pillows) to help with the swelling and bruising.

  • Contact sports are to be avoided for the first two months after the surgery, as they can lead to injury of the ear cartilage before it has had time to settle in to its new position.

  • Please remember to purchase a head sweatband as you will need to wear this at night for some time following the dressings being removed.

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