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Face Lift

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Post Operative Instructions

  • Try to rest and sleep propped up with 2 - 3 pillows during the first week after your surgery, to help reduce any swelling and bruising.

  • You may experience swelling around the face and ears; this is quite normal and will gradually go down over the next two weeks. Bruising is also quite normal and the amount will vary from patient to patient. However, if the bruising is associated with more significant swelling or pain, you should notify your surgeon immediately.

  • Using cold compresses over the cheek and neck can be very soothing and will help with the bruising and swelling. Do not use ice directly on the face as it can burn - wrap it in a clean cloth first. Alternatively you could run some cold water over a flannel and leave it in the fridge and use when required.

  • Strenuous exercise or anything that is likely to increase your blood pressure should not be resumed for 3 weeks. Try also to avoid leaning or stooping forward, and straining following surgery as this will reduce the risk of a secondary bleed.

  • You should wash your hair salon style and not bend forwards.

  • If your wound feels itchy or weeps, use a clean cotton bud dipped in previously boiled salty water and gently clean your wound to relieve the itch.

  • You should have a soft diet for the first week and not have any spicy food, fruit or fruit juice. If you are prone to constipation, or the painkillers are making you constipated, you should use laxatives to avoid having to strain for at least the first week.

  • You may be discharged with some antibiotics, and it is important that you complete the course. Please avoid taking aspirin/anti inflammatory tablets as these can cause bleeding. You may recommence your usual medication as soon as you can eat or drink unless otherwise advise.

  • Your sutures and staples will normally be removed between 7 and 10 days after the surgery.

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