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3d Imaging FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

I am distressed by the hollows in my tear troughs

Might buccal reduction be appropriate to give my face more definition, to highlight my cheek bones and jaw line?

Is it possible to make my face look like a certain individual of my choice?

I had rhinoplasty 3 years ago and I wish to have some minor tweaks.

I don't like my face from front on or from one side.

I want a nose job but I am scared on how it would look like.

I am looking to get rid of the bump from the bridge of my nose.

I am interested into facial fat grafting.

I have had 4 nose operations.

What procedure could lengthen the face, and if so, by how much could it lengthen the face?

Is it possible to have jaw implants to create a squarer more pronounced jaw line?

How much does a 3d capture consultation cost?

How much does it cost for liposuction to the jawline and under the chin?

Can a nose, starting from the top be straightened?

I have been considering having a nose job, but I am concerned about losing my ethnicity.

Can I send a side profile picture to a doctor, and advise me what kind of work I could have done on my nose?

Does the cost of rhinoplasty also include the 3d imagery?

What are the risks and the success rate for revision rhinoplasty?

Can you show me in 3D imaging facelift, fat transfer, VASER liposelection?

I would like a wide, healthy chubby face. Is there any procedure for this?

I would like to discuss the procedures and costs of 3D imaging associated with rhinoplasty.

Would it be possible to have a squarer jaw line using a jaw implant?

I am considering rhinoplasty and would like find out a bit more?

I would like my jaw to be more petit so that my face has more of an oval shape.

I am considering to have chin reduction (contouring) with a mid facelift.

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