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My son is 18 and has no definition between his neck and chin and his top lip projects slightly at an angle.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 27 January 2011


My son is 18 and hates his jawline. He has no definition between his neck and chin and his top lip projects slightly at an angle as though his nose is pulling on it (hard to explain) he is determined to have some kind of surgery. Is this something that could be considered by yourself?


The description of the nose suggests a strong anterior nasal spine, slightly like in the images labelled 8 and 26 in the gallery of post-operative photographs.

The procedure related to correcting this is a reduction of the bone at the base of the nose, the anterior nasal spine.

With regards to the chin, it sounds like there is an under development of the lower jaw. The typical answer for that is a chin implant, but sometimes it is necessary also to contour the neck in order to give more contrast. You can find some imaging depicting this type of change on the [facial sculpting a set of photographs][http://www.allaboutcosmeticsurgery.co.uk/gallery/facial-sculpting], with the image labelled 72, and the neck lift set of photographs, with the image labelled 38.

Essentially, the consultation using 3-D imaging and planning can give guidance regarding the degree of change that may be necessary in order to create a better balance for the facial features and therefore the type of intervention is necessary to achieve the changes.

In some instances, more extensive jaw surgery may be necessary to advance the lower jaw altogether, in which case the intervention of a maxillofacial surgeon may be beneficial.

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