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Due to atypical facial pain my inner brows have drooped

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 06 November 2013


I am a 30 years old female and due to atypical facial pain my inner brows have drooped for the past 8 years. This has greatly effected my self confidence. I am now at the point where it is time for me to address the issue as it has held me back in many aspects of my life.

When I pull up the skin on my forehead my appearance returns to the way it was prior to my condition, although it is only approx 5mm difference. I have no desire to raise any other area of eyebrows, and also I feel no need to.

My question to you is whether there is a minimally invasive procedure to achieve this? I have heard one way to achieve this is by releasing the glabella. Please advise me, so that I may get my life back. I feel I have already wasted so many years.


The first thing to evaluate is whether botulinum toxin treatment to the frown muscles and depressors of the medial brow produce the type of effect that you seek. If they do, you could expect a similar effect through a surgical intervention carried out through the upper eyelids.

If the botulinum toxin does not produce this effect, the surgery would also be insufficient, and only a formal brow lift intervention may be able to produce the type of change that you describe.

In the context of atypical facial pain, considerable thought also needs to be given to the possibility of worsening of the pain which may throw you back rather than assist you.

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