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I had a facelift, neck lift with liposuction and I have been left with a flabby neck with banding.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 12 March 2013


I had a full face lift/neck lift with liposuction on september 12 but I have been left with a flabby neck with banding which I find embarrassing.

I have questioned my surgeon for revision surgery but he feels it uneccessary and all will settle within a year. Meanwhile I do not feel happy with the result and wear a scarf to try to hide it up.

I still have that tight feeling round ears and neck which I feel is acceptable and my expectations of my face lift was realistic I feel.

How long should I wait before further surgery as I wish to have my eyelids done and would like both done together?


In general terms, I would suggest that at least a nine months interval should be respected from your intervention.

I would be happy to see in consultation before that and advise, but although sometimes the tissues feel ready on the outside, they are not so settled and surgery would benefit from a longer period of maturation.

3-D imaging and simulation sometimes will help define the targets for neck and jaw line contouring, and to some extent also for the facial contouring.

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