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I have always hated my jawline, which is large and rather masculine in length.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 15 February 2014


I have always hated my jawline, which is large and rather masculine in length. It has affected my confidence my whole life, but I am nervous about procedures due to the possibility of nerve damage.

I would most like a burring operation rather than in-mouth surgery as I have some periodontal issues, and don't mind a small scar under the chin.

Could you let me know what is possible? I would hope for at least 1cm reduction in length but I am also concerned that it might make my nose appear too large, and wonder what would happen to the excess flesh at the point of the chin?


As a baseline, burring can not be used for a reduction of approx 1cm, probably the upper limit is around 5 mm. There is concern regarding excessive weakening of the jaw bone in the reduction zone.

What I could suggest is that if you want to attend for a consultation, using 3D imaging and simulation it would be possible to evaluate what degree of reduction is necessary to achieve the aesthetic correction that you would wish for, and identify what type of surgery may be able to achieve it.

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