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I was wondering if you could provide me with some information about BodyTite?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 30 March 2013


I was wondering if you could provide me with some information about body tite?

I have a tummy very similar to the picture you show above with the umbilical hernia repair (although my repair has already been done on the nhs). I have been left with excess skin above my tummy button (hoods over so that you can barely actually see my tummy button anymore and could pull it up about an inch when lying down) and the usual mummy tummy!

My question is how much skin retraction could you expect to see above the belly button with body tite? I really do not want to have a tummy tuck due to risk and expense. Also my hernia was repaired using mesh. Would it by safe to use the bodytite instrument so close to the mesh? As in would it catch on it/melt it etc.?


The radio-frequency assisted liposuction (Bodytite) in my opinion does not produce a true skin tightening, but rather enhanced skin support. Because of its, I believe that if the upper abdominal skin is relatively strong, it is possible to achieve a significant improvement along the shape characteristics that you describe.

If the upper abdominal skin is somewhat thin and associated with a few stretch marks, abdominoplasty would be a better intervention.

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