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Fat Transfer

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Post Operative Instructions

  • If you have had your procedure under local anaesthetic with or without sedation, you must avoid hot drinks and food that need chewing for at least 6 hours after the procedure.

  • You will be given some antibiotics and possibly some antiviral medication to take away with you. It is important that you complete the course. If you experience pain, you should take Paracetamol or the pain medication that the hospital has given you. Please avoid taking aspirin/anti inflammatory tablets as these can cause bleeding. You may recommence your usual medication as soon as you can eat or drink unless otherwise advised.

  • You will feel swollen and bruised for about 5-7 days after the surgery. If you have had a large area treated it may last for 10-14 days. Using cold compresses for short amounts of time, over the area/s can be very soothing and will help with the bruising and swelling. Do not use ice directly on the face as it can burn - wrap it in a clean cloth first. Alternatively you could run some cold water over a flannel and leave it in the fridge and use when required.

  • Your stitches will be removed at your first follow appointment at approximately 5-7 days post operatively.

  • Do not press firmly on the area in to which the fat has been injected. This may leave permanent "dents'. Wait until the stitches have been removed before gently stroking/massaging the area.

  • Try to rest and sleep propped up with 2 - 3 pillows during the first week after your surgery, to help reduce any swelling and bruising.

  • Strenuous exercise or anything that is likely to increase your blood pressure should not be resumed for 3 weeks. Try also to avoid leaning or stooping forward, and straining following surgery, as this will reduce the risk of a secondary bleed.

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