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Is it possible to lose your dimples as a result of buccal fat removal?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 10 January 2014


Is it possible to lose your dimples as a result of buccal fat removal? I want to have the procedure but it concerns me a bit.

I have a very round face with almost no definition around my cheeks and jawline. My mother and grandmother also have very round faces, and my grandmother in particular is in her 80s and her face has barely slimmed down from when she was young.


It is unusual for buccal fat reduction to lead to dimples formation in the context of the facial shape to describe.

Typically, from what you're describing it would be necessary to combine buccal fat reduction and liposuction to the lower part of the face to achieve a reasonable degree of contouring.

Assuming however that the intervention has led to excessive hollowing in the cheeks, this could be corrected or decreased by means of fat transfer.

I think in general the situation when buccal fat reduction can become problematic is mostly later in life if the problem is borderline and the tissue elasticity has decreased. In this case, in principle it is also a poor indication for doing buccal fat reduction.

Using 3-D imaging and computer simulation, it is possible to evaluate the distribution and degree of change to the facial volumes that you would like to achieve, and this allows a more targeted planning for the surgery.

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