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Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

i have had several nhs operations on my nose, I was born with hare lip and cleft palette.

Do patient that has nose tip surgery (narrowing of the nostrils and tip) has to go under total anaesthesia?

Is there a maximum age you would recommend the buccal fat removal be carried out?

I was wondering, can I see a simulated picture about how it will probably turn out?

I have a really big nose and the bridge of my nose looks very flat.

I am 49 it means that I have started to get jowls which make me look older but also that I'm in a bad mood.

I am a size 8 and my cheeks are very fat to the point I sometimes accidentally bit into sides of them when eating.

I am looking to get a nose reshaping, and facial sculpting. Would you recommend I get them together or seperately?

Are you able to make a bulbous nose smaller and also the nostrils a bit smaller?

I have a prominent check bone that makes my face look wide and my temples look sunken.

My face is quite asymmetrical, with the left side being smaller and older looking than the right.

I am dissatisfied with my mid-face region, the cheek bones in particular.

Interested in reducing nostril size and reducing visibility of nostrils plus fine refinement of nose.

I had rhinoplasty surgery under a different surgeon and I am unhappy with the results. Do you perform revision rhinoplasty?

I'm really really desperate to know if in any way you can help create some contour or depth in my bones. I just really don't like the flatness of my face.

I have always hated my jawline, which is large and rather masculine in length.

I‘ve been looking into ethnic rhinoplasty for a few years to improve the appearance of my nose.

Is there an alternative to buccal fat removal?

Does it affect if you take anti-psychotic drugs?

I have had two nose jobs and I am not 100% satisfied at all.

I'm 22 years of age however would like a more structured jawline.

One of my eyes Is smaller and thinner than the other and my nose slants of to the side making my face uneven.

I have a really round fat face. Is there any way that I can achieve a nice bone structure and a better profile?

Please can you give me more info about cheek implants?

How can I lift my jaws and tighten around that area and neck at the age of 53?

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