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3D imaging and
procedure planning

Our face in the level of detail that is useful to plan changes.

To contemplate change to your face or body can be a daunting task. It truly needs to be a well thought through and structured approach; it should give you the strength of knowledge to put together the elements that are most likely to bring a you a good outcome.

Technology advancements have made it possible for the face or body to be photographed and presented as a shape on the computer.

This makes it possible to understand the nature of the problems during the consultation. With that comes the strengths to evaluate the options for change.

in 3D

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3D Facial Rejuvenation

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3D Facial

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3D Capture Technology

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Concepts of beauty

Even the most beautiful faces have significant asymmetries, but there are other aspects that we feel drawn towards and impressed by. Learn more

We all find it difficult to see our face and body from different angles, and even looking ourselves face on in the mirror gives a reverse image.

Moreover, if there is something about her appearance that we dislike, the natural reaction is not to keep looking at it. We usually don't know our face in the level of detail that is useful to plan changes.

Standard photographs flatten the image, and a variety of angles are needed to better appreciate the shape of the face or each components. Even so, the dynamic element of turning the image around, which replicates some of the movements and moments that make us feel self-conscious, goes beyond what standard photography can offer.

The one remarkable thing about beauty is that it is all personal. Beauty is immediately perceived as an emotion, and does not require explanations. It is the same thing when it is applied to someone's face, to a flower, to a scenery, to painting.

For the same reason, the 3D procedure planning seeks to identify what changes can make you feel right, and transform the changes into a structured treatment plan.

If you can enjoy the journey of finding out what it is you would really like, get involved in the planning and be the architect of your own happiness, it is possible to give you guidance regarding what can be achieved through surgery or nonsurgical treatments.

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