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Do you do malar bag removal/excision?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 25 February 2011


Thanks for the opportunity to directly ask youa question. I'm not just sending a random email, this is very important to me.

Do you do malar bag removal/excision? I hate mine so much, if I could I would excise themselve, they are not by any means huge, but just the way the rest on my cheeks is horrible, my self confidence is highly affected.

I'm willing to trade scars for them.


Malar bag excision is not a procedure that I have come across, although I am aware of the technique for excision of very heavy folds of the lower eyelids.

There have been many efforts related to improvement or correction of the malar bags, with very limited improvement or significant problems, but this seems to be a better answer that has become available very recently. It is an extension of the radio-frequency technique used for liposuction (BodyTite) and has been called FaceTite by the manufacturers.

In essence, malar bags are areas of water accumulation over the cheeks below and lateral to the lower eyelids. Because of that, excision is not a typical answer, and simple liposuction create a very irregular contour, which is afterwards extremely difficult to correct.

Radio-frequency assisted liposuction introduces an element of tightening of the soft tissue is below the skin, and makes it difficult for the body to accumulate water in those areas. It is not an immediate improvement, because in the earliest stages after treatment inflammation accumulates water, and the body has not had time to build additional collagen support.

During the weeks that follow the treatment, the area improves by its reduction in inflammation and increased buildup of collagen.

I have heard rumours that the manufacturers are contemplating introduction of an even finer design for these hand pieces, specifically targeting the lower eyelids and malar bags, but I there is no clear timeframe regarding availability.

In some instances, visibility of the malar bags is variable, and may depend on some food allergies or possibly sinus problems, and that can also be addressed independent of the surgical treatments.

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