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Buccal Fat Pad FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Is there a maximum age you would recommend the buccal fat removal be carried out?

I am 49 it means that I have started to get jowls which make me look older but also that I'm in a bad mood.

I am a size 8 and my cheeks are very fat to the point I sometimes accidentally bit into sides of them when eating.

I have a chubby face and would like to have a buccal fat reduction.

I have a lot of excess fat on my face, I am currently 21 and seeking a well sculpted face.

Is there an alternative to buccal fat removal?

I have two smallish fatty pads either side and just above my upper lip on inside of nasolabial folds.

Is it possible to get vaser liposuction on the lower cheeks?

I'm a 26 year old man with a very youthful looking face, however I have excess fat in my lower cheeks.

Is it possible to lose your dimples as a result of buccal fat removal?

I would like the fat removing as I have a chipmunk appearance when I smile.

I want to achieve a slimmer face and a stronger jaw line especially from side profile.

I would like to know your prices for the jowls to be lifted or tighten near the mouth.

Is it advisable to have eyelid surgery before cheek implants?

I have a round face and since putting on weight I have a much more chubbier face which is very difficult to loose.

I have always suffered from big cheeks since I was a child. As I am growing old my face now looks swollen.

I would like to book a consultation to discuss reducing the buccal fat in my cheeks.

I live in Italy and I'm interested in the buccal fat pad removal.

Do you perform perioral mound removal?

Cheekbone reduction or cheek reduction?

What are the chances of the removal of fat looking uneven or puckered?

How long it would be before I could go back to work without people noticing I had buccal fat reduction done?

I am interested in buccal fat pad removal.

Can buccal take away the excess fat, and give me a more contour look?

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