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Non Surgical Treatments FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

I want to remove my dark circles permanently.

Can you use the HydraFacial on any part of the skin? Like for problem skin after shaving?

Is it safe for me to continuously have filler in the tip of my nose?

Do you perform non surgical nose reshaping?

I have been looking for a long time now and really want the brazillian butt lift.

I have thick lips which I like but at the same time my mouth is wide, when I smile it covers half of my cheek.

I am dissatisfied with my mid-face region, the cheek bones in particular.

What types of fraxel resurfacing do you offer and can this be combined with a rhinoplasty procedure?

I am interested in what is termed the butt lift using fat from other parts of the body.

I am considering augmentation mentoplasty with Hyaluronic acid. What is the side effect of injecting hyaluronic acid?

Could I have fat transfer to the cheekbone area under local anaesthetic?

I developed a soft tissue pollybeak deformity on one side of my nose that my surgeon convinced me would go with time. Would it be possible to treat this with steroid injection?

I would like to know if there are any solutions to reduce some wrinkles on my forehead, around my eyes and to make my skin look younger?

I had tear trough juvederm fillers three years ago and still have a blue tidally effect under each eye.

Do you offer facial contouring with Juvederm or a similar fillers?

I am looking into fat transfer to treat my rolling acne scars on my cheeks.

My eye has sunken tremendously due to taking narcotics in my youth, can it be reset?

Is it possible to lose your dimples as a result of buccal fat removal?

I am keen to have my small turkey neck below my chin removed, my upper eyelids lifted and fat transfer to my cheeks and lips.

I have deep irregular tear troughs. I would like to have fat grafting. Is this possible?

I have dark circles under my eyes can you provide laser treatment to help me?

Can I make nose reshaping with out surgery?

I had restylane in 2005 and this has left a lump.

I am getting fine lines near the eye lashes and am only 19, how can I completely remove them?

Due to atypical facial pain my inner brows have drooped

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